Joseph Desjardins
Joseph grew up in rural Ontario watching the Leafs and learning the meaning of disappointment. All of that suffering has made him what he is today: an angry Leafs fan. When not talking hockey or playing shinny, Joseph can be found sitting in front of a computer or with his foot on a shovel earning his daily bread.

Berry Tibbitt
A former adult educator in Nunavut and past Secretary-Manager of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, Berry has been enjoying his Montreal Canadians win more Stanley Cups than any other franchise in NHL history . He hasn’t really been right since that day in 1954, at the University of Saskatchewan, when Fred Sasakamoose dropped him to the ice with a blow to the head with his cast-encased hand.

Sam Tibbitt
A Northerner known to phone the CBC and demand the ‘National’ broadcaster start showing teams other than the Leafs (his beloved Habs perhaps?) on Saturday night. A BBQ aficionado, Sam left the boardroom behind to pursue his pork dreams. He’s the proprietor of Hammer’s House of Hog, the finest authentic Southern BBQ joint in Canada. This summer you’ll find him in Oliver, BC, serving up pulled pork sandwiches and cheering on the Riders.

Blake Waters
Blake has never seen an NHL game he wouldn’t like to bet on. If given to sentiment he may grudgingly cheer for the Maple Leafs. A licensed acupuncturist, Blake is currently completing his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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