Torontonian finishes off the Stanley Cup Champs

Bye, bye Boston. Bye, bye Tea Party Tim. At one time, say last years’ final, one could cheer for Boston. They were the underdog and Vancouver where a bunch of chippy, diving whiners. But then Thomas blew off the American President. Great, another disgruntled white millionaire. Then one started to observe what a little butthead Marchand is and the Stanley Cup sheen started to wear off.

It took 7 games to decide this one, including 4 in overtime and all of them decided by 1 goal. Washington wanted it more and it showed. What also showed was the unpleasant side of the Bruin fan base. After Wards’ goal, twitter lit up with vile, racist filth. For Joel Ward is a black man and the traditional lunch-pail Bruin faithful, perhaps taking their cue from Thomas’s disregard of Obama, found that fact hard to take.

Black Sports Online is shining a light on the hate. Here we’ll take a look at Joel Ward’s triumph.

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